Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges, after performing a concert with Brian Evans, lends his support to The American Sleep Apnea Association after Brian introduces him following his concert. The "chaos" Jeff hilariously describes was Brian spilling coffee on his shirt, having to run to purchase a new one within ten minutes of taking the stage. But it all worked out!

Yes, he's the same Brian Evans.

In October, 2012, Brian Evans lost his mother, Helen Marie Bousquet, after she had been placed in an unmonitored recovery room despite the fact that the hospital, The Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, Massachusetts, knew she had a condition known as Sleep Apnea months before she even walked into the hospital.

The same doctors who cleared her for the knee surgery, are the the same doctors who diagnosed her with sleep apnea months earlier, and yet no post operative plan was in place. While the knee surgery she went to the hospital went fine, it was the post-care, and dosing her out on morphine, that took her from us.

Sleep Apnea became Brian's mission.

We wish to thank William Shatner, Jeff Bridges, Tom Hanks, and the thirty U.S. Governors who, in honor of Helen Bousquet and the attention she has brought to this condition, have issued Proclamations in each of their state. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, whose office stated a Proclamation honoring Brian's mother was forthcoming, has still not done so.

Brian did not run for office to win, he ran because federal law made it so that any candidate had the legal right to express their views equally along the other candidates running on air. As you can see by the Honolulu Magazine article below, Brian's campaign delayed the election results in the entire state, which brought focus to why it was delayed.

And that person was Helen Marie Bousquet.

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"If you are unwilling to step up, then step down." - Brian Evans