Brian Evans was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Born Brian Wilson, son of Helen Marie Wilson and William Evans, Brian began his career at the age of 11 when he appeared on the popular Boston morning show, “Community Auditions,” which starred host Dave Maynard.

Brian has been called one of the premier “big band crooners” by practically every entertainment publication that has ever existed, from People Magazine to Maclean’s Magazine, from Readers Digest to USA Today.

His music has been used by David Lee Roth on his “The Roth Show,” and on popular TV shows such as BoJack Horseman, Drop Dead Diva, So You Think You Can Dance, The Wedding Weekend, and in commercial campaigns for Vodafone and many others. 

As the opening act, he has begun the show for Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, Lou Rawls, Social Distortion, Franki Valli, Erasure, Carrot Top, and the list goes on. He also guest starred on shows ranging from "Beverly Hills, 90210," to "Full House."

His music video, “At Fenway,” has garnered close to 12 million views on YouTube, and features William Shatner as the home plate umpire. This milestone led to Brian Evans, Helen Marie Bousquet, and William Shatner all being added to The National Baseball Hall of Fame, and The Baseball Almanac. His second video, “Creature,” was filmed at The Bates Motel, and is the first time Universal Studios and The Alfred Hitchcock Estate have ever approved the use of the famed location for the iconic major motion picture, “Psycho,” be used for an entire music video. It received close to 300,000 views during just the week of Halloween, and is being groomed as the new standard for Halloween songs in this century.

Brian’s next release was in March, 2016, when his take on the Dolly Parton classic “Here You Come Again,” is released both as a single and as a music video. The music video, filmed on Maui, Hawaii, co-stars William Shatner, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman, Leland Chapman, and legendary “Latin King of Comedy” star Paul Rodriguez. In December, DMDS reported that it was the #6 (The Weeknd was #7) most added single to radio.

Music, however, is not Brian’s only talent. In 2014 he released his first novel, “Horrorscope,” and in 2015 released “Horrorscope II,” and the comedy novel, “The Funny Robbers,” co-written by Carrot Top’s manager, Dan O’Leary, as a feature film vehicle for the star. He then completed a fourth novel, "Savannah," with Ted Hamby. Both “Horrorscope” and “The Funny Robbers” are being developed for the big screen. Brian is now working on several additional fictional novels, and is also preparing an autobiography with a Foreword by William Shatner. His books are available in paperback, kindle, and audio book (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, etc.).

Brian is also the creator of The Maui Celebrity Series, which presents stars on the island of Maui almost every month. To date, Brian has brought Mos Def, Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges, Emmy winner Roseanne Barr, Emmy winner William Shatner, Emmy winner Louie Anderson, and stars ranging from Bob Saget to Citizen Cope. 

Brian Evans, with the help of Oscar winner Jeff Bridges and legendary star William Shatner, have been avid supporters of The American Sleep Apnea Association, after Brian lost his mother in 2012 due to this condition following what was supposed to be a routine knee surgery.

In 2018, Brian has plenty of work ahead. He wrote and will produce the TV show "Creature," whose first episode will be directed and produced by William Shatner. He will also release his first album in five years, along with releasing a new soccer anthem, "The Beautiful Game," which he co-wrote with Igdali Amador and Jesse Stenger. Finally, his first TV special, "Brian Evans In Concert - With Some Friends," will also be produced. He is also partnering with Shatner on a wine vineyard in France, along with writing an autobiography for which Shatner will write the Foreword. Also in the works is a music video for "Nascar," for his song "Fast Car, Nascar," which was written by Helen Bousquet, his mother. 

On the author spectrum, Evans will complete "Horrorscope III," the final book in his trilogy, and the novels "SHARK," (co-written by Dan O'Leary and Cameron Walker) and "Bad Decision."

Brian also announced his intentions to run for the US Congress in 2018, and in fact, will win the primary in the state of Hawaii on August 11th, 2018, as his only opponent officially dropped out of the race.